About RF Coverage AB


We are a Swedish company specializing in the

design, implementaiton and support of radio

coverage solutions to the Nordic market.


Our solutions span from basic GSM/UMTS systems

to advanced turn-key projects for tunnels and sports



We believe professionalism, experience and quality

in everything we do is the path to reliable solutions

and long-term customer relationships. The majority

of our employees have long experience of delivering

complex coverage solutions and we only work with

the best hardware and partners in our field.







Our services include prestudies, system design,

installation and comissioning, modifications to

existing solutions as well as operations and service

engagements of different kinds.


We can provide radio coverage solutions for office

buildines, rail and road tunnels, mines, subways,

trains, airports, airplanes, ships, arenas, and many

other situations.


To find out how we can help in your specific

situation, please contact us by phone +46 8 24 94 00

or by email: info@rf-coverage.com

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